What can we do about it?

As the City of San Diego goes through the process of amending our Community Plans, they must follow a procedure of SANDAG’s Public Participation Plan and the City’s Planning Process Manual.  Raise The Balloon Committee volunteers will alert residents to the meetings, petitions, phone call banks, email and letter campaigns to the Mayor, Councilmembers and other associated planning decision makers to ensure that we as stakeholders will be heard in the process at the crucial times.  Because the Study has just been completed, the actual draft of the final amendments should be ready sometime this fall. RTB Committee members are in constant communication with City planning staffers as to what happens and when and where our involvement will be needed.  Please register your email address on www.raisetheballoon.org to ensure you are informed for these critical tasks that lay ahead in the effort to protect our stake in the process of planning the future of our communities.

  1. REGISTER your email on www.raisetheballoon.org

  2. PARTICIPATE with us in our CALL TO ACTION where we will announce critical events, educational and urgent meetings, and workshops to attend.

  3. YARD SIGN Get the word out to your neighbors and help cover the cost of the Balloon by purchasing a yard sign!

  4. PURCHASE A T-SHIRT Wear the shirt at the Balloon March and critical Council and Planning Group meetings!

  5. Keep visiting www.raisetheballoon.org and www.understandtheplan.info websites for updates, alerts and notices of the Community Planning Group and City Council meeting that are crucial to these issues.

  6. Write your personal Letters to Editors of our local news organizations providing your opinion of the issues, why you moved to our community, and how you would like to see our community developed. We  have a page “Letters to the Editors” where we will post your opinions if you submit copies of your letters to us.