3,300 new condominiums

Under guidance of the goals and visions of the San Diego Comprehensive Regional Plan and the push to update local Community Plan Areas, the City of San Diego has proposed in the Morena Blvd Station Area Planning Study that zoning and land use changes are to be made to the Linda Vista Community Plan.  Linda Vista has no protective 30ft Height Limit, so the changes proposed are centered around land use designations that will require current light industrial and commercial properties to be changed to RM3-7 zoning.

The proposal for 3,300 new condominiums in Linda Vista Community Plan Area have taken most Overlook Heights and Bay Park residents by surprise.  Residents are concerned that ensuing traffic congestion, emissions pollution, overcrowding of local services, influx of trolley ridership, and lack of a sustainable infrastructure of utilities will plague the community in years to come. The nature of the ‘small village’ of the Morena District could be lost forever to high-priced condominium units lacking the essence of the current area.

Although most residents want new development along Morena Boulevard, none want to be left out of the process of decision-making as to the form of that development.  Raise the Balloon and Understand The Plan have been created as a vehicle to that end.  Public awareness of the city’s proposals are the first on the agenda followed by input by the public that will make growth in a balanced and fair manner possible.