The 60ft Height Issue

The 60ft Height Issue originated in Feb of 2014 when the City of San Diego released its Morena Blvd Station Area Planning Study attempting to amend our Community Plan allowing developers to build new low cost apartments and condominiums up to 60 feet in compliance with the City’s goal of Transit Oriented Development (i.e. high-density living units within a .5 mile radius surrounding every trolley station being built by SANDAG).

TOD’s purpose is to comply with several state mandated programs, and, in particular, SB 375.  Residents organized several neighborhood groups and installed “No 60Ft” signs in their front yards in protest.  The groups culminated into one organization, Raise The Balloon. On Sept 27, 2014, RTB held a Balloon March along Morena Blvd from Clairemont Drive to Friars Road to help residents visualize the impact of 60 ft buildings in the neighborhood. 60 ft map

In the Bay Park and Bay Ho areas of our Community Plans, the coming trolley stations at Clairemont Drive and Tecolote road have been singled-out in the Morena Study as areas designated for “Smart Growth.

To build to densities that the city would like to allow surrounding the Clairemont Drive trolley, our protective 30t Height Overlay zone would have to be changed by amending  the current Clairemont Mesa Community Plan to allow maximum building heights of 60ft.

The Linda Vista Community Plan has no protective overlay zone and current building height maximums exceed 100 ft in some areas. Since the Tecolote Road trolley station lies within the Linda Vista Community Plan Area, the maximum height can be achieved without any change to the Community Plan.  But to obtain high density goals, the City only has to amend Linda Vista’s land-use and zoning guidelines.

RTB has organized Bay Park, Bay Ho and Overlook Heights residents to help in the process of making their residents aware of the zoning and land use amendments that the city is proposing by distributing flyers and attending Raise The Balloon meetings.

What would these transit locations look like without high density?
Balboa Ave  Station Trolley 
Clairemont Drive Trolley Station 
Tecolote Trolley Station 

Other County Locations Identified as Smart Growth Areas
Smart Growth Incentives Guidelines
Smart growth map