R44 is a designation of zoning that refers to (R) residential units only and (44) forty-four living units allowed per 1 acre of land.

R44 Map

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R44 is an older zoning reference to RM3-7 which designates a maximum density of  1 dwelling unit per 1000 square foot of lot space.  The ‘M’ designates “Multi” (multi-residential) as opposed to the designation of R-1 which refers to 1 single-family dwelling unit per lot.  Since RM3-7 refers to 44 dwelling units per 1 acre of lot (1000 sqft of dwelling unit per 1000 square feet of lot), with mandatory setbacks, a dwelling unit of 1000 square feet on a 1000 square foot lot would necessitate the builder building multiple stories to get 1000 square feet of living space on a 1000 square foot lot.  Because the city wants to rezone many areas as outlined in the Morena Study, these lots would necessitate building multiple stories as outlined on the City’s Map5.1 Proposed land use changes.

In essence, if your Community Plan restricts maximum building heights to 30 ft, but the zoning allows for RM3-7, then there would be an obvious conflict of the height restrictions (with existing setback requirements) to build out the lot to full density allowed under RM3-7.

The home-made signs seen in Bay Park and Bay Ho stating “No R44” are in reference to the new code RM3-7 and the density that would be allowed if the city was successful in amending our community plans to the new zoning designation. Hence on Map 5.1 the reference to “Current zoning will need to be replaced.”