Morena Blvd Station Area Planning Study



BP.Map_Review the Morena Study and Specific Plan

The Morena Blvd Station Area Planning Study  was initiated by the City of San Diego Planning Department to comply with the goals and visions of the SANDAG Comprehensive Regional Plan, and the San Diego City General Plan to urbanize and densify our neighborhoods in compliance with sb375.   The ‘Study’ was funded through a $250,000 Grant from CalTrans in support of identifying areas of Smart Growth and TOD (Transit Oriented Development).

The Study’s  area boundaries are in the Clairemont Mesa Community Plan  and Linda Vista Community Plan areas. Because the study is directed at amending our current community plans, instead of a Comprehensive Plan Update, the process is different solicitation of public involvement.  When Community Plans are updated, they necessitate providing public involvement of the residents of the entire plan area.  When Community Plans are amended, the process is streamlined and less public involvement is solicited by city planners. This is why Raise The Balloon was organized-to help ensure that all the residents who are stakeholders in the process will be made aware that the City wishes to amend our community Plans.