Is the 60ft Height Issue over?

The 60ft height issue is NOT over.  In fact, the real work to protect our current 30ft height limit is just beginning.    The City of San Diego  proposed  changes to the zone to allow developers to build to 60ft heights, in the Morena Study.  (map of locations where the City wants to allow 60 ft) Although the now resigned City Planning Director, Bill Fulton, stated in a April 23, 2014 Memo to Councilmember, Lorie Zaph  that the city planning department would “maintain” the 30ft zone throughout the “implementation process,”  many felt this was an ambiguous response at best, knowing that it could be revisited again when the final draft of the amendments (scheduled for fall of 2014) are finalized, and after that,  during the environmental review process.  Asked to make a promise that the 60 ft height proposal would not be in any future planning department documents, specifically in the EIR,  Ed Harris sent another memorandum to Fulton and the Mayor to put the promise in writing, and to date, neither have responded in writing.

Without a written promise, James LaMattery, in an email to city staffer, Michael Prinz,  asked for written clarification, but Prinz’s response was unsatisfactory.   James then emailed  Fulton directly to promise the 60ft issue wouldn’t resurface during the scoping of the EIR, Fulton refused in an email dated June 10th.

With no written promise, and with a new City Planning Director to be appointed to replace Fulton, city staffer Michael Prinz concurred that the new Director could recommend the 60ft proposal.

Nevertheless, whatever recommendation is made by the City Planning Department, the City Planning Commission can recommend 60ft heights be allowed, and the City Council could approve that recommendation. This is precisely why Raise The Balloon scheduled the Balloon March on Morena on Sept 27th, as that is as close a determination that can be made as to when the City Planning Dept will finalize their proposed amendment changes to our community plan.