AD HOC Subcommittee

The city honored our request to form an AD HOC Committee for community input into the Morena Specific Plan. The AD HOC is an advisory group made up of a majority of current Community Planning Group members and selected members of the community who are not members of the Community Planning Group. It is a ‘subcommittee’ to the Clairemont Community Planning Group.
James LaMattery, Spokesperson for Raise The Balloon, sits on the subcommittee and will make recommendations to the Morena Specific Plan based upon input gathered from local residents in RTB Meetings, Surveys and Community Outreach Efforts. 

Read the City’s  Subcommittee Manual.

What is the role of the Subcommittee Members?

  • Review city proposals to change our local Community Plan as outlined in the MBSAPS

  • Represent the larger community and stakeholder groups

  • Meet 4-5 times over the next year to provide input to inform the Specific Plan

  • Input will be summarized for the Community Planning Group, Planning Commission and San Diego City Council

  • Encourage involvement of other community members during outreach events

  • Work cooperatively in considering the broader community input

Please Enter Your Input for the Morena Specific Plan here: Your ideas & suggestions will be used for the AD HOC Committee as the Plan is finalized.

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REQUIREMENTS for Community Planning Group Committees

Please note that membership on an AD HOC Committee requires a commitment of your time for nightly meetings. All AD HOC Committee meetings are required to be held in a public place with access to the general public so if you don’t want to be a sitting member but are interested in being a part of the planning process you can attend the meetings. Members of the committees are required to attend (online is available) an orientation workshop by the City of San Diego Planning Department in order to qualify for membership. That orientation manual can be found here:COW(2)

The City of San Diego’s Council Policy document “Standard Operating Procedures and Responsibilities for Recognized Community Planning Groups” can be found here:cpd_600-24(2)

Roberts Rules of Order can be found here.

The Brown Act can be found here: 2003_Intro_BrownAct.