Bay Park & Bay HO





  • Which City Plan is Bay Park & Bay HO located in?   ANSWER

  • My neighbor told me that the 60ft height issue is over, is he correct? ANSWER

  • What is the 60 Ft height issue about? ANSWER

  • What is the R-44 issue about? ANSWER

  • How did the 30 FT Height Limit (overlay Zone) come to being? ANSWER

  • What is the Morena Boulevard Study and how does it affect me? ANSWER

  • How and why is the City of San Diego attempting to change my Community Plan? ANSWER

  • What’s happening with the Keil’s Shopping Center site? ANSWER

  • What’s happening on the Clairemont Drive & Morena Blvd site?

  • What’s happening on the City Chevrolet site?  ANSWER

  • Where are KB Homes Condominiums being built, and why should I care about them? ANSWER

  • What can we in Bay Park and Bay Ho do about it? ANSWER

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60ft.Clairemont Drive